Common misconceptions about the Chinese language

Well, it’s actually not that bad with the Chinese language and chinese translator! This article should help dispel some of the most serious misconceptions. 1. Chinese has no grammar Not entirely true. Indeed, there is no inflection in the Chinese language. For example, in German: kommen – kam – kommst – kommt – käme – komme, and in Chinese everything […]

Can the German language still be saved?

English is the language of world communication. But we can prevent further destruction of our native language. Some clever minds are constantly proposing to consolidate the status of the national language for the German language in the Constitution. Let’s say it happened. What would that German be like? Recently, the weekly Börsenblatt für den Deutschen Buchhandel published information about an […]

Similarity of languages

Basque stands out among the European languages, having no resemblance to any of them. According to Farrar, “there was never any doubt that this isolated language, which retains its individuality in the western corner of Europe, located between two powerful kingdoms, is similar in structure only to the languages ​​of the aborigines of the nearby huge continent [Africa].” The first […]