Islam in the Philippines

History of Islam in the Philippines Islam with tagalog to english translator sentence came to the Philippines in the 14th century through trade routes. Arab and Malay traders brought Islam with them and spread it to the southern islands of the Philippines. Islam in the Philippines has split into several schools such as Sufism, Shafiism, Malikism and Hanafiism. How Islam […]

What could the Paris of the future look like?

In 2015 Vincent Callebaut Architectures Presented the Paris Smart City 2050 project to transform Paris into a futuristic city of the future, which should be realized by 2050. Project inspired by nature The main idea of ​​the project is to repatriate nature and the countryside to the city and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Paris by 75% and translate english […]


Suffice it to recall such famous names as Leonardo da Vinci, Piero della Francesca, Alessandro Botticelli or Domenico Ghirlandaio. They were all great painters of the Italian Renaissance, and their names, as well as their paintings, have an interesting history of their own. You can learn more about this by signing up for japanese to english courses. How the map […]

How to learn Chinese on your own

The Chinese language and hindi to english is intimidating in its complexity. It seems to many that only superhumans with some special and mysterious “talent for languages” can learn it. It is not true. It is possible to learn Chinese, but it is really much more difficult than English. And a lot depends on the goal. If you want to […]

Whom to entrust medical translation to?

Do medical texts always have to be translated by a doctor? Can a linguist take on the translation of medical documents? These questions inevitably arise for those who seek to choose a competent medical translator filipino to english. In this article we will try to understand and find answers to these questions. Let’s start with the fact that medical translation […]

Facts about Germany

There are over 2060 cities in Germany. And only 4 of them are million-plus cities (Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich) and 76 cities with a population of more than 100,000 people. There are currently about 14,000 people in Germany who are over 100 years old who know about latin to english translation. The entire population of the country is just over […]


The first language family established through the comparative-historical method was the so-called “Indo-European” family. After the discovery of Sanskrit and traductor catalan español, many European scholars – Danish, German, Italian, French, Russian – engaged in studying the details of the kinship of the various externally similar languages of Europe and Asia by the method proposed by William Jones. German specialists […]

Translation of specifications

Nowadays, the translation of technical texts is the most demanded and traductor catalan español, since civilization does not stand still. Honored scientists all over the world make more and more new discoveries in the field of science and technology. In this regard, there is a growing need to introduce these technologies into our daily life and, of course, bring them […]

Common misconceptions about the Chinese language

Well, it’s actually not that bad with the Chinese language and japanese translator! This article should help dispel some of the most serious misconceptions. 1. Chinese has no grammar Not entirely true. Indeed, there is no inflection in the Chinese language. For example, in German: kommen – kam – kommst – kommt – käme – komme, and in Chinese everything […]

Can the German language still be saved?

English is the language of world communication. But we can prevent further destruction of our native language. Some clever minds are constantly proposing to consolidate the status of the national language for the German language in the Constitution. Let’s say it happened. What would that German be like? Recently, the weekly Börsenblatt für den Deutschen Buchhandel published information about an […]