Facts about Germany

Facts about Germany

There are over 2060 cities in Germany. And only 4 of them are million-plus cities (Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich) and 76 cities with a population of more than 100,000 people.

There are currently about 14,000 people in Germany who are over 100 years old who know about latin to english translation. The entire population of the country is just over 83 million. And 320,000 of them have the last name Müller.

Germans marry relatively late. The average age of a man when he marries is 33 years, women – 30 years.

Germany, as one of the main legislators of brewing, has beer with 57% alcohol content in its assortment.

Residents of the northern and southern parts of the country may not understand each other. Here is such a variety of dialects of the German language.

Germans are sweet tooth and meat eaters. For a year, on average, each German eats 88 kg of meat and 10 kg of confiture per year. They also love honey and on average about 13 times a year each family grills meat and sausages.

If you want to go fishing in Germany, it won’t be easy. First you must take courses where they will tell you how to handle the caught fish so that it does not experience torment. At the same time, the Germans do not recognize (and are even afraid of) dried fish.

The most common means of transportation in the country is a bicycle. For 83 million people, there are 60 million bicycles that they can ride even in winter.

In cafes and other events (for example, going to the movies), a man does not pay for a woman. This is considered normal. Otherwise, he encroaches on her independence. Leaving a tip in a cafe for more than 1 euro is generosity.

Hamburg is a city of bridges. This city has more than 2400 bridges.

Education in all colleges of the country is free. In addition, students can eat at lectures, in the canteens there is even soup to take away.

There is a president in Germany, but he does not play the first political role. The Federal Chancellor plays a leading role in the country’s politics. At the moment, this post is held by Angela Merkel.

Almost everything is closed on Sundays in Germany. In addition to large supermarkets and cafes. Single kiosks rarely work, and then for several hours.

There are more Turks in Germany than in Istanbul.

Having a dog here is an expensive pleasure. For this you have to pay about 250 euros per year. Exceptions are guide dogs. This money is used to build and improve the conditions of dogs in kennels. All dogs here are microchipped. If suddenly a dog walks without an owner, and even caused an accident or bit someone, then the owner is recognized by the chip and a fine is issued. That is why completely homeless stray dogs simply do not exist here. But homeless people who take dogs to themselves, on the contrary, receive additional money from the state.

Germany is a country of many inventions: Chinese checkers, typography, brewing, automobile, bicycle, jet engine, Zeppelin airship, insulin, aspirin, Gummi Bears and Kindergarten, contact lenses.