Translation of specifications

Translation of specifications

Nowadays, the translation of technical texts is the most demanded and traductor catalan español, since civilization does not stand still. Honored scientists all over the world make more and more new discoveries in the field of science and technology. In this regard, there is a growing need to introduce these technologies into our daily life and, of course, bring them to the world market.

Of course, it is often very difficult to understand the peculiarities of a particular technique without the help of a specialist, the task is also complicated by the language barrier. This is where technical translation agencies come into play! We carry out high-quality translation of large technical texts that absolutely correspond to the original text, but in another language.

It is important to note that technical

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translation should be carried out taking into account the specifics of the field, whether it is the translation of instructions for the repair of wagons or the manual for the operation of a construction crane. Every professional translator who translates texts of this kind understands that any mistake in translation can lead to problems in production and, in the future, to irreversible consequences. As a result, there can be no question of preserving the image of the translation agency. Our specialists are very responsible in their approach to translation and to the timing of its completion.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that translation of specifications of technical texts is very important. You’ve probably already wondered “what are specifications”!

So, the specification is the main design document, often in text format or in the form of tables, which includes a description of technical characteristics, information about the configuration, features of a particular model and its differences from possible analogues. This document can be part of a contract related to the export or import of products.

Translation of specifications is considered a private branch of technical translation. It requires from the translator not only excellent knowledge of foreign languages, but also significant professional experience, along with mastery of technical terminology.